FileMaker 12 Certified Developer

Passed my FileMaker 12 Certification last month! :)

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Certification, New Projects and DevCon 2013

A lot has been happening recently, Certification, a few new projects, DevCon, running FileMaker through its paces.

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Record Calls

ModulesCRM now allows users to record and schedule calls to clients.

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Custom Function for SQL

As FileMaker 12 now gives you the ability to return data using an SQL Select statement. I have decided to create an abbreviated version of the original function.

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Content Added

Finally got around to adding some content to the website. Mainly the projects area. All the projects now have some information about them.

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twitter @usainbolt Hahahahaha telt ye

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FileMaker 11 Certified DeveloperFileMaker 12 Certified Developer


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