FileMaker 12 Certified Developer

Passed my FileMaker 12 Certification last month! :)

I just spent yesterday maintaining and increasing efficiency on ModulesCRM. I originally planned that all my tables would be stored in their own FileMaker file, but to know it seems a tad over kill. So I consolidated them all into one data file. I have also been reducing the amount of relationships store in the data file by making use of FileMaker 12's ExecuteSQL(). This allowed me to drop about 15 relationships.

The next stage of development for this project is to introduce a User Management and Privilege area. This will allow the system admin to maintain users and control which scripts the can run.





twitter @usainbolt Hahahahaha telt ye

05/08/17 20:52:22


FileMaker 11 Certified DeveloperFileMaker 12 Certified Developer


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